Never before offered to clients, Julie Lindh is offering her specialty treatments to BWC. You are now able to get the treatment kit to your home to keep your skin in great shape. Due to the strength of the treatments, we recommend you attend the weekly classes for the specific treatment. 

Each kit offers 2 treatments and highly recommend to do bi-weekly.

Once you sign up for this kit, you will receive a reminder for the group virtual class.


Songicules Treatment (Strong)

The most natural micro-needling treatment.

Hydrolyzed Sponge: Harvested from freshwater sponges—a kind of living micro-organism that has been living in the earth for over 600,000,000 years, its astonishing function of unblocking pores and speed up cell metabolism make it to be the most ideal and safe natural ingredient of skin resurfacing. 


They look like micro silicone needles. When massaged into the skin, they stay down for 24-72 hours. During that time they agitate the skin which helps to stimulate fibroblast that produces collagen. Due to increase blood circulations and oxygenation that bring a lot of nutrients to the cells, they also help detoxify and speed up cell renewal which creates the skin resurfacing. 


Results: Smoother skin texture, even skin tone, minimized lines and plumper.



We love that you are taking the beauty and wellness journey with us. As a member, you get a little extra. With every order of this package we will send along:

3 Infrared Sheet Masks

3 Bio-Magnetic Sheet Masks 

Value of $100

The Spongicules Treatment

  • We highly suggest you schedule an assessment to find the right system for your skin concerns. If you have any questions, you can direct chat with us on our site anytime.

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