Never before offered to clients, Julie Lindh is offering her specialty treatments to BWC. You are now able to get the treatment kit to your home to keep your skin in great shape. Due to the strength of the treatments, we recommend you attend the weekly classes for the specific treatment. 

Each kit offers 2 treatments and highly recommend to do bi-weekly.

Once you sign up for this kit, you will receive a reminder for the group virtual class.


Fruit Enzyme Peel (Mild-Medium)

Looking for a true enzyme based exfoliant that will offer a deep down treatment for rough skin? Banana Pineapple Enzyme Exfoliant is a superbly nourishing formula that effectively dislodges dead skin cells without manual scrubbing. Banana, rich in minerals and anti-oxidants, helps to soften skin and protect moisture levels. Pineapple enzymes carefully unlock unwanted surface debris revealing a perfect, glowing complexion. Nonabrasive, yet highly effective, each application will leave skin feeling more radiant and softer to the touch. Ideal for sensitive, reactive skin or for those who desire additional hydration.


• A gentle alternative for those who have sensitive skin but desire a radiant complexion.
• Banana, rich in potassium, works as a highly effective enzyme peel that rids the skin of dead skin cells while nourishing and providing the skin with beneficial nutrients.
• Contains no added fragrances that potentially irritate sensitized skin.


Results: Hydrated, softer skin texture, clear pores and more radiant.



We love that you are taking the beauty and wellness journey with us. As a member, you get a little extra. With every order of this package we will send along:

3 Infrared Sheet Masks

3 Bio-Magnetic Sheet Masks 

Value of $100

The Fruit Enzyme Peel

  • We highly suggest you schedule an assessment to find the right system for your skin concerns. If you have any questions, you can direct chat with us on our site anytime.

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